Brain Waves

Brain Waves is a locally owned Albertan business specializing in neurofeedback. It strives to help those with chronic or hard-hitting conditions that impair their quality of life. Using a combination of comprehensive, non-strenuous testing and individual-based care, Brain Waves’ mission is to try to return hope to as many people as possible.

Finding help can be scary, and the list of side-effects on a pill bottle can be even scarier. Neurofeedback is a gentle, effective means of treatment, all the while being scientifically backed and treating more than just symptoms.

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Olivia Hoffman

Olivia Hoffman is a professional counsellor and the owner of Brain Waves Neurofeedback. She has completed her diploma in counselling with the Kelowna College of Counselling, and has been working with and training in neurofeedback and the EEG equipment since 2015. She strives to learn and help others, and to that end set up Brain Waves to help others regain their health without the risks presented by many medications and alternative forms of treatment.

Since being diagnosed with PANS, an autoimmune disease that attacks the brain, Olivia strives to help others who have had to go through life-altering health conditions. Over the course of 5 years, she went from couch-bound to running a business. That journey has pushed her to rediscover herself and use that energy to find and fulfill her passions.

In her spare time, Olivia enjoys playing video games, writing novels and stories, listening to music and spending quality time with her closest loved ones. In addition to successfully running Brain Waves and being able to help as many people as possible, she one day hopes to be able finish her novels and travel the world.